Thursday, April 25, 2013

A boy meets girl, falls in love, and adds another GIRL!!

So...I know I have not kept up on this whole blog thing, but a LOT has changed and I want to keep track of the monumental moments, and the not so big ones too!  The following are just a few snapshots into our lives and some pretty big and awesome events that are going on.  

My life changed on January 14, 2012.  Heath and I were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple for time and all eternity.  It was an amazing day with family and close friends.  Marriage takes time, tenderness, and a lot of work, but in the end I have never been happier!!  I am one lucky lady!  

 Which brings me to the CUTEST cupcake that would forever change our lives.  We went to my midwife and they saw the sex of the baby, but we didn't want to know yet.  I had her go call my Auntie Diane Lungo and she proceeded to fill in a bunch of cupcakes with the color pink filling for a girl.  I had over 20 people come that night to find out together as we bit into it all at the same time.  We skyped in my sisters and were all SHOCKED that it was a girl.  I SWORE it was a boy, but the previous couple weeks I just knew it was a girl.  A mama knows best I guess.  Out of 10 grandkids this will be the 3rd girl so it is just a weird thought that she has a little Va-JJ!!!  And we couldn't be more thrilled!  She is due July 7th.  Hoping for the 4th though, because I want this little angel to think the world is celebrating her along with us!
I know I am a fat fat magoo, that is probably why no one believed I was pregnant because I was barely showing till about 6 months.  I also have carried really low and deep.  This is my first baby bump pic at 5 months.  I feel her move and I softly touch my belly in wonderment and awe that I get to experience this.  Of anything in my life, this has been a dream of mine to feel a baby move within me.  I am so in love I could die!  My midwife laughs at me because I say this little girl is so sweet and rad. Haha.  
 LOOK AT THAT NOSE!!!  I like to think it's my cute small button nose but we shall see.  I love how her arm is bent up behind her head as if relaxing and saying " Yep, I'm cute, you love me, keep lookin'" On her first ultra sound it was like watching her jumping on a trampoline and doing flips.  It was awesome.  She must be like her Daddy who can't stay still either....oh great!
                                      Those lips and nose kill me.  I cannot wait to kiss those!
 The midwife just giggled and giggled it was so sweet.  She was darling and acted like it was her first one she had performed.  She just kept saying oh how cute she was and could feel my excitement as well.  She said "Whoa, those are some long fingers and toes!"  I'm guessing this little bug won't be so little.  I was 10 lbs. and Heath was 8 1/2 but almost 2 ft. long.  Hopefully she will be athletic and put that height to good use!
Her name will be Marin Berret Capps!  Marin is my middle name, not to be confused with Maryn.  It sounds like Muhrin, pretty huh!  I know...;)  And Berret is Heaths sisters name who leaves to serve a mission in Lima Peru a week after she is due.  Who better to have a name sake after a beautiful, amazing, spiritual, sister missionary?  It is an honor to be able to use that name, love you Berr.  Hopefully with all the sister missionaries in her life, Marin will want to keep that legacy of spreading the gospel too and make her namesakes proud.


  1. Love this Megs! I'm getting so so excited! I can't wait for you to become a mother and to meet baby girl!

  2. Yea for blogging and yea that baby Capps' name is official! Can't wait for more posts to come.