Friday, July 30, 2010

Let There Be Light...

I read Genesis chapter 1, verse 3 saying:

'And God said: Let there be light. And there was light.'

I stopped reading and I reread the verse. Then I stopped to really understand the weight of this scripture.

1. God 'SAID'
It was a command OR a commandment for the elements as they are and were to listen and obey the Ultimate Architect.

2. God say's: 'Let there BE...'
to BE means to exist, to live, to become, to fulfill. It's an active verb. In essence a living thing - a beautiful fulfilling statement...'TO BE'...even Shakespeare in Hamlet quotes...'to BE or not to BE' - what an awesome question; and God states it within the first 3 verses of the first Book of Moses.

3. God invites or commands -
'let there BE light' to BE LIGHT. It's a source, a comfort, a guide. Everything on earth; EVERYTHING NEEDS the essence of light. To grow, to live, to 'BE' or in a spiritual undertaking; CHRIST is the light of the world(Matt:5:14) and Heavenly Father allows him, his son 'TO BE' a source, a comfort, and a guide.

4. 'and there was light.'
meaning: with the ultimate creator, architect OR BEing; how much we as individuals have power to shine - we all have to 'obey' the command or the rules to please. Progression comes by how faithful we can be by becoming...God has already chosen our paths because he knows whom we are and have the potential to become, it is our lack of faith that halts our progression to excel and succeed in whom we can ultimately be. And when God stated, 'let there BE light' and it was - I don't imagine it was a dying star or a flicker of a wavering flame but a perfect harmonious alignment with the Savior - 'the LIGHT' - shined so brightly that any darkness from the void hid itself. For there is no place for darkness in the brilliance of light. Therefore to please the Absolute Being: the Savior - when he asks and states his words, we should BE ready and willing as it was from the very first verse in Genesis chapter 1, verse 1.


'For God said, let there be light and there was light."

I was carried away in this amazing insight and if it means nothing to anyone else - it doesn't matter because to me - it was as if someone had opened a window and in came an outpouring of light and allowed me to see in a a way that has been dimmed over the years.

'let YOUR light, shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.' (Matt5:16)


  1. Megs, I thought this was awesome. Did you watch the video I posted of Davie Chandler talking about light? You should watch it if not. I think light is so freaking awesome.

  2. Megan, do you even know how amazing this is? You need to post more! I'm so stoked you have this kind of insight and can share it with us. Light and God's power is incredible and you have just shared some of both with us. LOVE YOU!!!!